Our Global Team

We give our clients a major competitive advantage across a wide range of technology-based markets, with decades of marketing skills, commercial experience and deep technical expertise always on tap, whenever and wherever needed.  Plus access to an extensive network of contacts in industry, finance and the media too.  Our senior partners can advise on creative yet practical solutions to a wide range of business, marketing and commercial issues.

Clients have immediate access to a highly-skilled team, with detailed knowledge of how to bring technology-based products to market quickly and successfully, but available on a cost-effective “time-shared” basis.

And with offices across three continents, our global capability allows us to deploy our counsel and expertise wherever it is most needed.

Peter Watson

Peter founded Marketbroad in 1989, and was responsible for setting up much of the Marketbroad infrastructure and systems.  He had previously gained considerable European experience, working in France and Belgium on mainframe and microsystems software, before moving into technical marketing.

As Marketing Director of an industrial microsystems manufacturer in Cambridge, he was responsible for setting up all marketing operations, defining and implementing a strategy which assisted the growth of the company by a factor of four in 3 years.

Since setting up Marketbroad, Peter has gained a further 20 years experience in the electronics design and embedded systems markets, with responsibility for major accounts such as MIPS, Motorola Computer Group and Wind River Systems.

Nalin Advani

Nalin has twenty years experience in promoting and developing technology–based businesses in the Asia/Pacific region.  As the senior manager responsible, he has participated in start-up and turn-around of businesses in Japan and Asia-Pacific for global technology leaders such as Wind River, Wipro, and Barco, demonstrating an impressive track record in the development and management of sales and operational infrastructure.

As an entrepreneur and investor, he has participated in the success of innovation leaders such as Centillium, Solid, eSOL, Kivera, EnThink, and others.  Nalin’s has extensive experience of business development issues in a wide range of technical sectors including embedded systems software, imaging technology, telecom infrastructure, and consumer electronic devices.

Brad Hale

Brad has twenty years of experience in Global Product Management, Strategy and Business Development in the semiconductor and systems industry.  With senior positions at Motorola, AMD, Alchemy and Freescale, he has an extensive track record in developing and implementing customer and market growth programs targeting the Consumer Electronics, Automotive, and Telecommunications sectors.

Brad has planned and managed business development activities in North America, Europe, Japan, Asia, China, India and South America.  His senior management responsibilities have included: Mergers and Acquisitions, Global Market Development, Strategic Business Development, Customer Development and Sales, Product Planning, Strategic Planning and Product Management.

Geoff Revill

Geoff brings tremendous technical depth, extensive market knowledge and commercial experience to the Marketbroad team.  He has held senior executive positions in leading embedded software companies in Europe and the US, including the setting up of European offices for both ISI and SDS.  As V-P(Europe) for SDS, he developed close ecosystem and sales channel relationships with several major semiconductor companies including Motorola, IBM and ARM which were key to the successful growth of the business.

Following the acquisition of SDS, Geoff moved to the USA as the Director of Product Marketing for Development Tools at Wind River Systems, and was responsible for merging 5 acquired companies’ products (seven product lines) into a single solution, steering Wind Rivers’ tools strategy through a challenging time of consolidation.